A Gift with a Message

The 10 Commandments Bracelet

Each bracelet comes with a two sided bookmark explaining the meaning of each color bead. Please donate a minimum of $5 per set.
All sales go to the Triplecord Family Foundation. Scroll down to learn more. 


The bracelet features 10 color beads each representing one Commandment. It’s adjustable band makes it a perfect for children of any age.

Front of Bookmark

The front of the bookmark feature Commandments 1-5.

Back of Bookmark

Commandments 6-10 are featured on the back of the book mark.

The TripleCord
Family Foundation

Established in 2015, Triplecord Family Foundation exists for the purpose of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and supporting those people, projects, and ministries advancing His kingdom.


Proceeds from the 10 Commandments’ bracelet and bookmark go to Triplecord Family Foundation.

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